A content pack is an addition to Flan's mod that actually adds content. It is separate from Flan's mod itself.

Content Packs Edit

Name Latest version Creator Content
Modern Weapons 1.8 Flan Cold war to Modern armament
Simple Parts 1.8 Flan Crafting ingredients
World War 2 1.8 Flan World War 2 armaments
Futurecraft 1.8 Prototype Fictional future armament
Manus Civil ? Manus Civilian vehicles
Manus WW2 ? Manus World War 2 Armaments
Ye Olde 1.8 Flan Basic equipment
Titan 1.8 Flan Mechs & Mechware
SMP parts ? Manus Crafting ingredients
Nerf 1.8 Flan Nerf Weaponry